October 23rd, 2019
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General Assembly Update

Hey Frostburg! 


Right now, 12 students and Don are in Reston, VA for the BACCHUS General Assembly. While here, we are learning about new and exciting tools, techniques, and programs that we can bring back to the Frostburg campus. 


Check back in a few days to see what all happened! 

- Bobby Croft

Halloween 2011

Hope that everyone has a wonderful, and healthy, Halloween weekend! 

- Bobby Croft

My motto for this Week!

When life gives you lemons, paint them gold. Make everyday your masterpiece.

Have a great week everyone!


Desiree D.

- Desiree Despertt

General Assembly 2011

This coming November, a group from the BURG Peer Education Network will be attending the BACCHUS Network General Assembly in Reston, VA. At this conference, peer educators from across the country will gather to share what they are doing on their campuses.


Congrats to the following list of members for being selected to attain.


Sam H
Sam J
- Bobby Croft

Jail Bail Day #1

We had a wonderful first day of Jail Bail!!! We earned $108.60!!!!


Great work everyone! And if you missed us today, we will be back the next two days!

- Bobby Croft

Jail Bail

This week is our annual Jail Bail event! Jail Bail is our hybrid educational, fundraising event where we talk about impaired and distracted driving.


Check it out in the Lane Center, Tuesday through Thursday this week from 10 until 3 each day! 

- Bobby Croft

Got Spirit?

Today starts the first of our monthly BURG Spirit Weeks! Hooray!

Each spirit week is an opportunity for you to really show your pride and passion for peer education! Wear your BURG t-shirts, paint the BURG logo on your face...go as crazy as you want, but show us your spirit!

For this spirit week, here are some highlights:

Today (9/6): wear your BURG gear proudly!
Tomorrow (9/7): visit BURG Sampler in the Lane Center ARMAH between 10 AM and 3 PM for a sampling of some of our favorite activities (members who come to the event wearing a BURG t-shirt of their choosing will earn points for their mentor group)!
Thursday (9/8): Sexual Assault Awareness Activity (11:30-12:30 in front of Annapolis Hall on the cement triangle, and 2:30-3:30 in the Echo Circle). Also, be sure to get to Osborne Newman Center for our General Body Meeting at 6:30 PM...there will be a "Minute to Win It" mentor competition, so come help your team earn some points!
Friday (9/9): BURG Bash XVI: BURG-ie Nights! Come to the ARMAH from 9 PM-2 AM for dancing, mocktails, food, activities, and more...all with an awesome disco-theme!

Everyone is encouraged to participate fully in our BURG Spirit week...show off your BURG peer educator pride!!!

- Laura Fehle


Today wrapped up the FYI Retreat experience. This was a very magical experience for everyone who was involved. Here's to a wonderful year of peer education!

- Bobby Croft

August Leadership Training

Today marks the beginning of the Leadership Team Training. Our Leadership Team has been working very hard over the summer to prepare for the FYI training program and the fall semester. 


Keep a look out for updates and for the beginning of the fall semester!! 

- Bobby Croft

F.Y.I. Class of 2011-2012

BURG would like to welcome the 2011-2012 F.Y.I. Class to the family.

- Bobby Croft

2011 NCAAW Manual

BURG's Perception IQ program has recently been selected to be featured in the 2011 National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Manual. An outline of the program will be published by the BACCHUS Network and shared with health promotion organizations across the country so that they can create their own version of the program. 

- Bobby Croft

Banquet 2011

Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful year of peer education. Below are the award recipients... 


First Year Peer Educator of the Year Award - Jasmine Wilson, Desiree Despertt, and Otega Okurume.


M&M Award - Jasmine Wilson  


Graduation Cords - Greg Brightbill, Katie Queen, and Mark Freeman

- Bobby Croft

2011-2012 Lead Team

Congratulations to the new 2011 - 2012 BURG Lead Team!

President - Bobby Croft
Vice-President - Chrissy DelloStritto
Secretary - Patty Malatt
Treasurer - Nicole Mangold
Past President - Laura Fehle
Caitlin Weems
Desiree Despertt
Shayna Kramer
Recruitment - Sheldon Jackson
PR - Jasmine Wilson
Social - Otega Okurume
Historian - Jordan Schupfer
- Bobby Croft

Relay for Life

So far, the BURG Relay for Life team has raised amount $3200 for the American Cancer Society!!!!


Great Work Everyone!!

- Bobby Croft

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Fair

Thank you to all the organizations that helped with yesterday's Cancer Awareness and Prevention Fair.


Brady Health

Colleges Against Cancer

Delta Zeta

Department of Recreation and Parks Management

Kappa Beta Gamma

Student Health Advisory Committee

Tri Beta

- Bobby Croft

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Fair

Today in Lane 111, BURG is hosting the Cancer Awareness and Prevention Fair. A number of student and professional groups from campus will be there to talk about how to check for, and prevent cancer. There will be some games and giveaways, so stop by and help kick off the week leading up to Relay for Life. 

- Bobby Croft

Area 12 Conference!

Some members of the BURG Peer Education Network recently attended the BACCHUS Area 12 conference. 


At this conference, our Red Zone Campaign received Outstanding Extended Program and our "Road Map to Peer Education" display received the Outstanding Display Award. 


Also, three of our members, Caitlin Weems, Patty Malatt, and Bobby Croft presented Perception IQ, which is one of BURG's staple programs. 


Congratulations to everyone for the wonderful work. 

- Bobby Croft

Happy April 1st Everyone!!

This month, BURG has a number of very exciting events and programs coming up that everyone should check out!


- April 11th - Cancer Awareness and Prevention Fair

           - Atkinson Room from 10 until 2


- April 13th - Perception IQ

           - Lane 113 at 7


- April 15 - 16th - Relay for Life


- April 19th - Earth Day and Tobacco Event

          - Lane Center - 10 - 3




- April 30th - Hard Mock Cafe

         - PE Practice Gym - Doors open at 5:30


Hope to see you at our April events!!

- Bobby Croft


We wish everyone a Safe and Happy Spring Break!!!

- Bobby Croft

Area 12 Conference Selections

The peer educators who were selected to represent BURG at April's Area 12 Conference are...


Bobby Croft

Katie Deal

Chrissy DelloStritto

Desiree Despertt

Sheldon Jackson

Melissa Johnson

Shayna Kramer

Patty Malatt

Nicole Mangold

Otega Okurume

Demetria Venable

Caitlin Weems

Jasmine Wilson



Congrats to everyone who is going!!

- Bobby Croft
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