Don's Daily Dose

Date: Sep 18, 2015
Subject: Elevator
Our lives are like elevators. We have days when we feel like we are going up, times when we feel down and other moments when we get stuck. I don't know where you are at today, but I hope this post will be uplifting and get you moving in an upward direction! I don't know about you, but I want to be an uplifting person. In other words, someone who lifts others up and helps them when they feel like their life is in the basement or they feel like there not going anywhere. Ask yourself a question with 2 perspectives. Where are you on the elevator? Is your life going up, down or no where? What kind of person do you want to be? Someone who lifts others up? Someone who tears people down? Or someone who enables others to remain stagnant? I'm only going to discuss the uplifting concept. I think we already know the ways we begin to spiral downward in life. Let's review some ways we can be uplifting! One way is through service. Sometimes, a simple random act of kindness can really turn around a person's perspective. One week ago, I woke up with the intention to uplift three people before the sun went down. While two people were complete strangers, my third person was self selected. I wanted to recognize this colleague for her sweet and giving spirit. I simply dropped by her office and started my visit with a word of appreciation followed by a little teddy bear. Right away her eyes of shockness became filled with joy, peace, excitement and appreciation. Our visit was brief, but I felt I had completed my mission! My hopes of lifting her up came to fruition! As I walked away from this experience, I had so much energy and a sense of fulfillment. There are a thousand ways to press the up button in people's lives! Can I encourage you today, this very moment, examine your own life. Where are you heading? Up, down or nowhere? There is hope, help and people who do care. I challenge you to be that person, who uplifts others. The one who helps others press the up button of their elevator and watch them grow. See how they reach the roof and look out into the horizon where the sun radiates, the eagles fly and the stars shine! And as you uplift others, you will notice your elevator rising to the top as well!