Don's Daily Dose

Date: Feb 13, 2015
Subject: Inspire
Did you ever have one of those days when you needed a little inspiration? Usually those are the days we go back to bed, or drink too much coffee or at times begin to feel sorry for ourselves. I have always told my boys the minute you get into self-pity, go serve someone. When you serve someone, it seems to make you feel better. You will always find that even though you may be going through a difficult time, another person has it a lot worse than you do. I don’t know what you’re going through today. But if you need a little inspiration, I encourage you to pick yourself up and go inspire someone else. Yes, that’s what I said. Go find another person and make their day! You can do this in several ways. Affirmation: Write a positive message or a note of appreciation to a co-worker, friend, neighbor, boss or perhaps the mail carrier! Listening session: Call up a friend and tell them for the next hour you are here for them and you’re going to give them all of your attention and listen to them for the next hour. Gifts: Most people enjoy receiving little treasures. There are so many little things that hardly cost you a buck, in fact you can make some chocolate chip cookies or maybe a banana chip muffin and give them out randomly one day at school or work. Give them to folks you don’t know and have fun watching their faces light up! Service: This time of the year is a wonderful opportunity to shovel a sidewalk and just walk away. Service is not about receiving credit for doing a good deed. It’s doing a good deed because someone needs to be served. Plus, you have to understand that what goes around comes around. I call it the generosity cycle. Safe Touch: As a former football player, my female friends were always intrigued watching a bunch of guys patting each other on the butt! We didn’t think anything of it. It was our way to show support for a teammate. Did you know that daily hugs lower blood pressure, reduce stress, strengthen immune systems and is healthy for your heart? It is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsq-fC-VRHE So, whether or not you feel inspired, go inspire another person and you will miraculously experience the power of inspiration!