Don's Daily Dose

Date: Feb 06, 2015
Subject: Key Ingredients
Have you ever been invited to dinner for a homemade meal? Typically, you have one of two reactions. You either love it, or you don’t. As someone who loves cooking, I can tell you, if you want to make people happy, feed them, if you want to keep them coming back, make sure while you’re preparing, you use the right ingredients. A meal can look delicious but it may not necessarily taste good. It reminds me of organizations. They can look like they have their act together, but once you sit down and really get to know them; you realize that this is not the case. Using the key ingredients in a delicious meal is a lot like a successful organization. A good recipe will have a diverse variety of spices and foods that are prepared just right. I’ll mention a few and let you use your imagination to complete the thought. Salt is a traditional ingredient and used in many recipes. Salt is a key ingredient because it enhances the flavor of our food. Years ago, salt was used to preserve food, especially meats; some cultures still use this method to keep their food from spoiling. Eggs are another ingredient that is used to emulsify or prevent separation. Isn’t it interesting how a person who doesn’t like an egg, but loves the taste of a cookie or cake that was baked using an egg? Sugar is used to sweeten things up. Have you ever forgotten the sugar in a cake recipe? Yuk! It’s not the same. Sometimes certain foods go really well with others or you can have a salad that usually compliments most foods. How about a dinner roll without yeast? Organizations are like recipes. If you have the key ingredients and mix them well, you will make people happy and keep them coming back. All organizations need members who add spice to the group, enhance the quality of the organization, keep the group together, are kind/sweet to each other, and help members rise to the occasion and be successful. Sometimes you have to ask your organization and yourself; what ingredients are missing in my group or my life? Don’t settle for a bland life, you have the choice to mix things up, take that step, make that adjustment and remember you control the recipe of your life!