Don's Daily Dose

Date: Jan 31, 2014
Subject: Dream
You ever have a vivid dream that stuck in your brain for a long time? Or maybe you keep dreaming the same dream? I want to share and encourage you to be a dreamer. There are 4 types of people when it comes to dreams. 1) Dream Maker 2) Dream Taker 3) Dream Breaker 4) Dream Giver A dream maker is the kind of person who has vision and makes things happen. It's great to have a dream, it's even greater to put that dream into motion. A dream taker is someone who tries to steal dreams from others, tries to make it their own, but fails in the process because they really don't believe in that very dream. A dream breaker is the person who is either jealous or envious of your dream. Watch out for this guy. He will set up stumbling blocks, cause you to doubt your dream and discourage you from living your dream out. The dream giver is the encourager. This person loves instilling ideas and hope into another person. This lady will challenge and inspire you to "think big", "stretch yourself", and achieve your goals in life. So, which one are you? Do you have a little of one and some of another in you? Are there times when you wish you were not one of these? Take a little time today and work towards dreaming, move into a direction where you see your dream beginning to come true or pour yourself into someone else and help them reach their dream.