Don's Daily Dose

Date: Jan 29, 2014
Subject: Winter Hydration
If your like me, winter can be pretty harsh on your skin. One way to see if you have dry skin is to get a piece of scotch tape and place a two inch piece across the back of your hand. In a few seconds, carefully remove it. Check out the tape. Do you have a lot of white snow looking particles on the tape? If so, you have dry skin issues. The more snow like flakes on the tape, the more severe your skin issue is. So, how do we help our skin? First, find yourself a good moisturizer. I recommend aquaphor. Buy some cotton gloves from the dollar store, after giving your hands a nice massage in aquaphor, put your gloves on and get a good nights rest. Try this for 3-5 consecutive days. You should notice a big difference in your hands. If not, perhaps a visit to the dermatologist is in order. Other things to consider is drinking plenty of water. For many, it is easy to go through the winter without drinking much water because we are more cold but don't let the cold keep you from staying hydrated. Drinking more water will also help reduce inflammation and mucous. Other tips include: reducing the amount of hot baths you take, remove wet gloves and hats right away and dry your skin quickly, keep your heals moist and care for dry heals, protect your skin with soft but warm material, use lip balm, run a humidifier in your home or if you don't have young children, fill up your sinks and tub with water to help the indoor air and don't forget that sunscreen is needed in the winter to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Being properly hydrated will give you more energy and reduce the risk of contracting colds and other winter bugs. If you don't care for water because it lacks flavor, try squeezing one/fourth of a lemon wedge in your water! Happy Hydration:)