Don's Daily Dose

Date: Sep 05, 2012
Subject: Destiny
I just attended a wedding of a former student. The ceremony was beautiful. It was so good to see these two young people sharing their love, vows and commitment to each other. You could say they were destined for each other! Destiny: "A predetermined course of events". That's pretty incredible. I remember this young groom when he was debating on whether or not FSU was the right place for him. I spoke with his Mom on the phone and after a few words about the Peer Education Network; she knew her son needed to come to Frostburg. We selected "Bobby" to be in our freshman leadership program. After much thought, he decided to come to FSU and be apart of our network. I say all this to help us realize that we all have destiny. Part of Bobby's destiny was to become a peer educator and to graduate from college. Along the way he befriended a girl. While attending the same college, they didn't have romantic feelings for each other; however, after graduation, their paths came together again. THey began dating and despite their long distance from each other, their love and relationship grew stronger each day. Long story short. I attended Bobby and Becky's wedding this past Labor Day. They were destined to be together forever! And you too my friend have destiny. It may or may not involve a romantic relationship. But, you are destined for greatness. You are destined to go places, do awesome things and make a difference in this lonesome world. Your destiny may not be visible right now, but you are paving the way, with each step, with each decision. And one day, you will know. You will know your purpose, you will know your mission, you will know your destiny. Until then, keep searching, keep on keeping on!