Don's Daily Dose

Date: Aug 22, 2012
Subject: Courage
One movie that has touched the lives of millions is, "The Wizard of Oz". I have many favorite scenes from this well-known story book and movie. I want to briefly share a concept that I learned from this movie many years ago. The leadership principle is "courage". When I think of a lion, I think of a powerful and influential leader of the land; however; as most of us know, the lion in the wizard of Oz was not so brave. The lion experienced what all of us have to a certain degree. "Fear". Even as leaders, at times we let fear paralyze us. If it were not for Dorothy's boldness, the lion's life would have taken a completely different path. It would have been the same old path. The road of endless circles. How many times do we let fear keep us on the path of endless circles? I would like to challenge you today to consider the characteristic of courage. It only takes one leader to be courageous, step out, and before you know it, others begin to step out as well. If you're tired of being afraid, tired of running in circles, tired of the same mundane and mediocre life; be courageous today! It's normal to be afraid. Own your fear and face it, and then allow your faith and your fear to collide. Push through, make that change, be that change and soon you will be singing like the once feared cowardly lion; "If I were the King of the forest" Speak up, reach out and B the 1 TODAY! Be the one who decides to take on fear, step out in faith and be courageous!