Don's Daily Dose

Date: Aug 21, 2012
Subject: Success
Each day we have the opportunity to be successful. Yep, it is true! As we wake up and begin a new day, we have the power to institute success in our life. That success also has the possibility of making others succesful as well. We are either moving forward or backward. What about you? Are you allowing yesterday to keep you from moving ahead today? Are you still holding onto something that happened yesterday? If so, we are moving backwards. We are telling success to go away cause it's not happening today. We also find ourself preparing or repairing. You see the difference? If you inventory your life, are you trying to fix things from the past? Too many times,individuals or teams get frustrated because they get into a pattern of "repairing" instead of learning, acting, doing a job to excellence the first time. I want to challenge you today, have a mind-set of being in a prepared frame of mind. Right now, tell your self, challenge your team to mentally, enotionally and spiritually begin taking steps of preparation. Visualize what a successful day is going to look like for you personnally. If your on a team, visualize team victory. Success is daily and it begins with you!