Don's Daily Dose

Date: Feb 09, 2011
Subject: Superbowl
While Green Bay fans are celebrating a sweet superbowl victory, some Pittsburgh folks are sad but gearing up for the following season. I was thinking that whether we like football or not, the superbowl has some life lessons that we can adopt into our lives. Honestly there are many things we can speak of but I will only mention a couple. First, the idea of goal setting. I am sure that Pittsburgh and Green Bay had the goal of going to the superbowl. I wonder if Green Bay's goal was to "win" the superbowl. In life, we sometimes sell ourselves short of our goals. We aim for something big but afterwards realize that we're not quite specific enough regarding that "Big" dream. Secondly, the big game reminds of us of the importance of celebration. Many times we get so busy with the "everyday" routines of life that we forget about celebrating with each other. This can be done on both small and large scale basis. It doesn't have to cost alot of money or time. Last week, we got our basketball team together and had a pizza party. The team had accomplished a particular goal and therefore earned the right to a celebration. Just inviting friends over for a movie can be a good way to celebrate each other. Last, One of my favorite superbowl commercials this year was the Darth Vader Volkswagon Ad. If you view it, you will notice the little boy's persistance to make something "move". He believes that he can become powerful by wearing a darth vader costume. Despite his ill attempts, he challenges himself to the the biggest object and to his celebatory surprise, the force prevails! Don't forget to be child-like and celebrate! You will be glad you did!