Who We Are



Who are we? What do we do?

The BURG Peer Education Network is a group of dedicated students who aim to educate and empower our FSU peers and community. The organization was founded in 1987, and the 2017-2018 academic year marks the 30th year of Peer Education on the Frostburg State University campus.We believe in creating change among our peers and our community. We promote healthy choices on campus and provide recreational alternatives to drinking and drugging. We are a nationally Certified Peer Education group through the BACCHUS Network and serve as Peer Educators by presenting several educational programs and awareness campaigns on-campus each year.

We have received local, regional, and national recognition and awards for our programs, awareness campaigns, as well as our contributions to peer education as affiliates to the BACCHUS Network™.  During our most recent regional conference in Reston, Virginia, we received Outstanding Peer Education Group and Outstanding Peer Education Program for our Freshman Year Initiative, or FYI. Sam Hammett received an award for Outstanding Senior and Don Swogger was awarded Outstanding Advisor!! 

In our organizations there are numerous opportunities for you. You will gain lots of leadership experience, which is a highly prized skill looked at by future employers. You will also be able to gain presentation and communication skills through brainstorming, and implementing educational programs, as well as better serve your community through volunteerism and community outreach programs. Not to mention being a part of the largest student based organization at the collegiate level with over 35,000 Peer Health Educators across the country.

 Along with educating students on-campus through educational programs and awareness campaigns, we also bring speakers to campus, and facilitate workshops, both here at Frostburg and within our region.

When we want to have fun, we go on retreats, have socials, host dances and go on destination unknowns (a free all day event where students are given the opportunity to be taken to various unknown locations. Past DU’s have been a trip to Hagerstown, ice skating, roller skating and many others).

These are only a few aspects of our organization; there is so much more! For information on joining our organization, contact our Recruitment Chair,Talia Walker, at burgrc@gmail.com, 
or check out our Recruitment page.