B the 1 Community Outreach


The BURG Peer Education Network's Guide to Bthe1!

Welcome to the Community Outreach Edition Page!

The BURG Peer Education Network is an organization dedicated to inform peers on making healthier choices and how to be an empowered bystander. We also want the local community to get involved!

Why are we doing this?

• To help raise awareness of bystander intervention.

• To empower the Frostburg community to keep their community safe by “Being the 1”.

• To build confidence levels with intervention skills

• To encourage the Frostburg community to make a difference.


What is Bystander Intervention?

It's when a person or group of people offer help or intervene in an emergency situation. This is just a broad definition.


What's New!

The BURG Peer Education network has recently expanded upon how to be an empowered bystander. Stepping into a situation doesn't necessarily have to be an emergency situation, intervening can be done in most situations. To Bthe1 means to be a friend, to be the one to do what is right, to be the one to speak up, etc! There are so many ways to Bthe1 that anyone can do it!

The Bthe1 Campaign

This campaign was designed to raise awareness for bystander care. Bystander care and/or intervention is stepping in a situation where you are helping another person or group of people. Bthe1 is being the person to do what is right, to lead, to correct, to be there, and to listen. There are so many other ways that "Bthe1" can apply to us.

Here are some ways to Bthe1 in the your community:

  • Stand up for the victim

There is a common phrase, “Give a voice to the voiceless.” That phrase could sum up this B the 1 tip. Supporting and standing up for the victim and helping them through their ordeal can help that person tremendously.

  • Be the change

Why wait for someone else to make the difference? Step up and take charge. Make the difference to create the world that you foresee. This doesn't mean that you have to move mountains to make that change. Opening the door for someone, saying hello, or helping someone carry groceries are just a few very small things that can make a big difference.

  • Call 911

If there is a dangerous situation where someone could get (or has gotten) hurt, call 911. There is a common fear that you or other people at the scene will get in trouble, but the most important thing is getting help for the person in danger. Calling 911 and getting professional help could save someone’s life!

  • Refuse to be silent

No one can change the world by standing by and keeping quiet. Stand up and say what needs to be said. What you say can save a life.

  • Take the keys

This one is simple. If a friend, a member of your organization or even a complete stranger has had too much to drink, take away their keys. No one wants a drunk driver on the roads. They could get in serious trouble, or worse, hurt themselves or someone else. Any drunken driving crash could be prevented if someone stepped in.


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