Party Smart Tips


Are you planning your own party?

• Remember that serving alcohol to minors is illegal and charging a cover fee for guests to drink alcohol can result is some hefty fines as well as trouble at the university level.


• When you host a party you are responsible for those that attend. Try to keep the number of guests at your party at a manageable number for you. The recommended number is about ten or less. You should also keep the number for SafeRide(301-876-RIDE/7433) handy for your guests that are intoxicated so that no one leaves your party to try and drive home.


• When you serve alcohol keep in mind that mixers such as carbonated beverages and fruit juices can result in higher intoxication levels. This happens because carbonated beverages cause a person’s body to absorb the alcohol faster and juices tend to mask the taste of alcohol causing people to drink more of it.

Are you going to attend a party?

• Go with a group of friends! Make sure that you know how many people are with you when you get there and that you all stick together and leave together.


• Eat before you go! Food in your stomach means that you will absorb alcohol at a slower rate than if you haven’t eaten at all.


• Watch your drinks! Be responsible for making your own drink or opening your own drink. If there is anything unusual about your drink, i.e. taste, odor or appearance then get a new drink. If you leave your drink unattended then you should get a new one. Other good things to keep in mind!


• The only thing that will sober up an intoxicated person is time.


• If someone is severely intoxicated then sleeping it off is not always the best solution. Sometimes circumstances call for real medical attention, it’s better to be the friend that helped them survive than the one that didn’t want to get them into trouble.


• If you encounter a situation that involves someone that is unconscious due to the consumption of alcohol the best thing to do is call 911 and then perform the BACCHUS maneuver.

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