February 23rd, 2018
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Funny Clip


- Robert Lemaire

Bobby Petrocelli

Wednesday October 11th @ 7pm

Lane University Center Atkinson Room

- Robert Lemaire

Games of Wellness Week

- Robert Lemaire

Welcome FYI Class of 2017

- Robert Lemaire

BURG Week 2016


FSU Students, welcome back to the first week of school!

We invite all of our BURG members & students on the campus out to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner with us. BURG Week will be jam packed with these events to help us to get to know everyone, all leading up to an incredible social. See you then!



- Kaelan Keller

Block Party 2016

Come over to Frostburg's Main Street on Wednesday, September 7th from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM to enjoy the annual Block Party! Local businesses and FSU student organizations will be filling the street with tables and activities, and the BURG Peer Education Network will be there with FREE incentives and more! Come out to learn more about Frostburg and what it has to offer to you!

- Jonathan Grams

Throwback Thursday: FYI 2015

- Robert Lemaire

Order your BURG Bash 20 commemorative t-shirt today!

Click the image below!

- Robert Lemaire

Lead Team Retreat '15

The BURG Leadership Team was at The Bishop Clagget Center this weekend planning for the upcoming semester. Unfortunately, some of our members could not be with us in attendance but they were with us in spirit as we accomplished a lot so we can have a successful FYI and we cannot wait to meet all of the new freshmen!!! :) 

- Robert Lemaire

Spring Retreat 2015!

- Robert Lemaire

Bobby Petrocelli

Come Check him out

Oct. 23 @ 7pm

in LUC Armah

- Robert Lemaire

BURG Reunion 2014!!!

It's that time of the year again! In a few short weeks, BURG will be hosting it's second annual Reunion! Please check out the link below for all of the details! 

Hope to see you there! 


BURG Reunion 2014!!!

- Bobby Croft

Do You See What I See? 2013

Check out this video from this year Do You See What I See? Program


- Robert Lemaire

Lead Team Training

- Robert Lemaire

The Best Regimen for College Fitness

Hey Everyone, Check out this awesome resource for ways to stay fit in college!

Susan Martin is an extremely talented graphic artist!


- Nathan Rosenberger

Apply Now!


Click Here To Apply Today!!!

- Robert Lemaire

Community Reach Out

We had an amazing time at the Metropolitan AME Church in Cumberland, MD this afternoon! These kids showed us just as much as we showed them! They are ALL about B'ing the 1 now!


- Veronica Morris

Color Splash 2013

The BURG Peer Education Network had an awesome time at the Color Splash down in the Lower Quad today! It was so nice to see all of those smiling faces! Bthe1!


- Veronica Morris

Congratulations to the new 2013-14 Lead Team!

Shayna Kramer- Past President

Desiree Despertt- President

Veronica Morris- Vice President

Samantha Metz- Secretary

Samantha Hammett- Treasurer

Patricia Malatt- Mentor

Diana Whiteman- Mentor

Arun Pant- Mentor

Tanisha Mitchell- Mentor

Makia Walker- Social/Community Chair

Robert Lemaire- Recruitment

Great Job All!

- Desiree Despertt

New Members!

Welcome to our newest members: 

Laura Walker

Tyra Mitchell

Trevin Tally

Daniella Ngameni


Madeline Toannon

We are so happy to have each of you as a part of our network!

- Veronica Morris